2016 BMX Club of the Year

2016 BMX Club of the Year

The winner of the BMX Club of the Year for 2016 is the New Plymouth BMX Club.

Location, location, location.  As in Real Estate, so too in sports clubs, location can have a huge impact on membership, growth & viability.

The original location for the club had been its home since the sport began. As with many recreational parks in growing cities they tended to be on top of dumps or swamps. Also, growth of the city altered the neighbourhood & these two points swayed a big decision from the club.

Over the last 5+ years of hard slog, relocation was defined & advocated, funding was sought, hours put in, and the hard work began. As with most BMX Club facilities, these sites are hand built with volunteer hours & the New Plymouth BMX Facility was no different.

The effort, hours, risks & money were worth it, now with growing club numbers, a safe environment & the awarding of the 2018 FIRST Doors & Windows BMXNZ National Championships, we can say job well done!

The New Plymouth Club is working hard to be one step ahead of a developing sport, and so in turn is deserving of the award, 2016 Club of the Year.


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