2022 BMXNZ National Championships UPDATE

2022 BMXNZ National Championships UPDATE

The BMX New Zealand Board (BMXNZ) met for our first meeting of 2022. Key on our agenda was the forthcoming National Championships. As you would know BMXNZ, must run all Major Events

within the current COVID Protection Framework, which is determined by guidelines set by Sport New Zealand, based on mandates from the New Zealand Government.

The regulations within the Framework determines the size of event we can run, and with BMX the only logistically possible way to run our events is with COVID Vaccine Certificates (CVCs). This allows up to 100 people in a defined space (bubble), which in turn allows the sport to deliver larger events. Under the current RED Level, a non-CVC event would require the sport to manage around 40 bubbles, with separate facilities, entrances, staging lanes etc. for each bubble. This is impossible in the space we have at the Hamilton BMX Club.

So, moving forward to allow the bulk of the sport to attend, CVCs will be required, and the event will be split into bubbles of 100 people. Looking at the numbers right now, this would require 8 or 9 bubbles, which is still too many for the site.

So BMXNZ is proposing splitting the attendees into separate days & each day will be a separate event. The age classes will be split between the days and you will complete all your racing on ONE day, either Saturday or Sunday.

The allocation per day is yet to be defined, but we will aim to have this determined by next week once the event entry has closed. Each day will have four (4) motos and then run into finals where necessary. Unfortunately, there will be no prize giving, and the process to issue ranking plates & trophies has yet to be determined.

There is a vast amount of detail yet to be finalised, but we want to set the expectation that, this event will not be a normal Nationals, as you may have had in the past.

Please bear with us, the situation is forever changing, and the priority of health outcomes for the nation supersedes many things right now. We ask that you take each step with us as we build a solution, so we can all race bikes at the event.

As we finalise detail, we will issue updates when they become available.



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