2020 BMX New Zealand National Championships UPDATE

2020 BMX New Zealand National Championships UPDATE

With the changes to the COVID levels the 2020 FIRST BMXNZ Nationals is back on the calendar and able to be run in its original format.

The following information covers off changes in the entry process and revised dates. Also attached to this e-mail is the NEW event flyer with matching detail.

2020 FIRST Windows & Doors BMXNZ National Championships 24-25th October 2020 (Labour Weekend)

REFUNDS – Due to the ever changing circumstance of people’s work life, BMXNZ will continue to take refunds if riders cannot make the event on the new date. The refund window will close on the 23rd of August.
Refunds will be collated up until the close date and then processed in one group. All refunds requests are to be sent through to admin@bmxnz.co.nz

NEW ENTRIES – This event will re-open to any riders who are able to attend on the new date, as long as they have the necessary NQMs to qualify for a Nationals Entry. The entry window will open 24th August and close of the 13th September 2020. All entry processing is online as per normal and detailed on the flyer.

NQM DISPENSATIONS – A new dispensation window will open from the 1st July and close of the 31st July. If you have had a medical issue, this gives you an opportunity to cover the NQMs so you can enter Nationals.

Please note there is NO NEED TO RECONFIRM EXISTING ENTRIES.  Updated information regarding the event is on the flyer or at BMXEVENTS.NZ.


Warren Boggiss

Board Chairman
BMX New Zealand

Dion Earnest

Executive Officer
BMX New Zealand



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