World-class BMX riders show skills in FIRST BMXNZ Nationals

World-class BMX riders show skills in FIRST BMXNZ Nationals

Many of the country’s world-class riders showed off their skills at the FIRST Windows & Doors BMXNZ National Championships in Christchurch.

More than 400 riders ventured to the North Avon Christchurch BMX club for the championships after the Covid-19 restrictions returned to Level 1, with 20 riders defending their NZ No 1 plates from last year.

Four members of Cycling New Zealand’s Schick Civil National Performance Hub impressed with North Harbour’s Rico Bearman holding off Hub mate Bennett Greenough (Cambridge) to win the Junior Superclass.

Two other Hub riders retained their national No 1 plates in six-time world champion Leila Walker (Cambridge) and Megan Williams (Rotorua) who won the 15 years and 16 years New Zealand honours respectively. They both won all eight races over the two days comprising six qualifying motos, semifinal and final.

Twelve riders successfully claimed a second successive national title including Ben Anderson (East City) in the nine years boys, Deacon Connor (North Harbour) 11 years, Jack Greenough (Cambridge) 15 years, world silver medallist Tim Ferguson (Cambridge) 35-39 years and Jason Waite (Hawkes Bay) in the males.

Females to keep their No 1 Plates include Meg Cannon (Cambridge) 10 years, Madeleine Hunter (Mountain Raiders) 11 years, Toni James (Waitakere) (25-29 years) along with Walker and Williams from the Performance Hub.

Meanwhile Bruno Nemedi (Tauranga) and Adam Coker (East City) defended their national honour in the Cruiser class for 11-12 years and 30-34 years respectively.

More than 400 riders from under-5 years to over 60 years took part, representing 31 clubs from Southland to Whangarei.

Racing can be viewed on replay on the SKY NEXT YouTube channel.

Results, Male:

Men Juniors (non-ranking): Rico Bearman (North Harbour) 1, Bennett Greenough (Cambridge) 2, Blake Day (North Canterbury) 3.
8 years: Leon Dumbrell (New Plymouth), 1; Charlie Withington (Tauranga) 2, Rico Ryan (East City) 3.
9 years: Ben Anderson (East City) 1, Nixon Banks (Hamilton) 2, Ashton Payne (North Avon) 3.
10 years: Lucas Matene (Mountain Raiders) 1, Riley Smart (North Canterbury) 2, Cees Silver (New Plymouth) 3.
11 years: Deacon Connor (North Harbour) 1, Bruno Nemedi (Tauranga) 2, Daniel Mason (Tauranga) 3.
12 years: Jack Young (Hamilton) 1, Tom Coleman (Kapiti) 2, Regan Smith (Mountain Raiders) 3.
13 years: Finn Cogan (East City) 1, Brock Nelson (Cambridge) 2, Jack Gebbie (North Avon) 3.
14 years: Lucas Bhimy (East City) 1, Ben James (Alexandra) 2, Lewis Atkinson (Mountain Raiders) 3.
15 years: Jack Greenough (Cambridge) 1, Jesse-James Green (Christchurch) 2, Thomas Colman-Savage (Hawkes Bay) 3.
16 years: Keegan Calkin (Hamilton) 1, James Speedy (North Harbour) 2, Lachie James (Cromwell) 3.
17-34 years: Conor Mahan (North Avon) 1, Adam Coker (East City) 2, Scott Donaldson (Cambridge) 3.
35-39 years: Tim Ferguson (Cambridge) 1, Scott Silver (new Plymouth) 2, Kurt Bagby (Te Awamutu) 3.
40-44 years: Jason Waite (Hawkes Bay) 1, Derek Jelgersma (Dunedin) 2, Andrew Badman(Christchurch) 3.
45-49 years: Aaron Hooper (Christchurch) 1m Ken Feist (Hutt Valley) 2, Leigh Wilson (Mountain Raiders) 3.
50 Years Plus: Dave Mohi (Rotorua) 1, Mike Head (Christchurch) 2, Carl Berryman (Capital) 3


Women Juniors (non-ranking): Holly Oldham (Alexandra) 1, Ruby Laidlaw (Southland) 2, Olivia Levens (Kapiti) 3.
8 years: Quinn Lindsay (Cromwell) 1, Khloe Dinsdale (Whangarei) 2, Honor McCabe (Southland) 3.
9 years: Holly Nilsson (North Harbour) 1, Kiana McCue (Nelson) 2, Courtney Smith (Mountain Raiders) 3.
10 years: Meg Cannon (Cambridge) 1, Nicola Mapu (Hamilton) 2, Emi Summers (Mountain Raiders) 3.
11 years: Madeleine Hunter (Mountain Raiders) 1, Mille Waite (Hawkes Bay) 2, Milla Ellis (New Plymouth) 3.
12 years: Molly Inia (Te Awamutu) 1, Ursula Summers (Mountain Raiders) 2, Amber Bell (Capital) 3.
13 years: Lily Greenhough (Cambridge) 1, Renae Colman-Savage (Hawkes Bay) 2, Tahlia Melson (Alexandra) 3.
14-15 years: Leila Walker (Cambridge) 1, Jaydah-lily Lees (Tauranga) 2, Brooke Keown (Christchurch) 3.
16 years: Megan Williams (Rotorua) 1, Abbey Simcock (Tauranga) 2, Amber Robson (Te Awamutu) 3.
17-24 years: Brooke Compain (Waitakere) 1, Caitlin Georgantas (Hamilton) 2, Tyla-Shae Donaldson (Cambridge) 3.
25 Years Plus: Toni James (Waitakere) 1, Corrina Lloyd (Christchurch) 2, Chelsea Watton (Hamilton) 3.

Cruiser, Male:

11-12 yrs: Bruno Nemedi (Tauranga) 1, Tyla Dinsdale (Whangtarei) 2, Tom Coleman (Kapiti) 3.
13-14: Matthew Haigh (Waitakere) 1, Lewis Atkinson (Mountain Raiders) 2, Cooper Richardson (North Harbour) 3.
15-16: Louis Hunt (Cambridge) 1, James Speedy (North Harbour) 2, Lachie James (Cromwell) 3.
17-34: Adam Coker (East City) 1, Bradley Thomson (Hawera) 2, Maddy Young (North Avon) 3.
35-39: Kurt Bagby (Te Awamutu) 1, Lance Dinsdale (Whangarei) 2, Scott Murphy (North Canterbury) 3.
40-44: Steven Schimanski (Hawera) 1, Tony Mottershead (Hamilton) 2, Derek Jelgersma (Dunedin) 3.
45-49: Dion Newth (Rotorua) 1, Greg Hughes (Tauranga) 2, Rick Houghton (North Avon) 3.
50+ Years Plus: Dave Mohi (Rotorua) 1, Carl Berryman (Capital) 2, George Hatzis (Dunedin) 3.


13-24yrs: Caitlin Georgantas (Hamilton) 1, Tayla Arnold (Tauranga) 2, Tahlia Nelson (Alexandra) 3,
25 Years Plus: Toni James (Waitakere) 1, Tamryn Hurren-Webster (Dunedin) 2, Steph Hoek (Mountain Raiders) 3.



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