NQM Requirement – Nats 2021

NQM Requirement – Nats 2021

At the most recent BMXNZ Board meeting, a topic regarding the requirements of NQMs in the 2020 qualification year for entry to the 2021 National Championships was discussed.

As a result, BMXNZ would like to advise the sport that there will be a reduction in the NQM requirement for the 2021 Nationals from four(4) to three(3) NQMs. This decision was made with the aim to ease the burden on time and or finances for those in the sport who have been influenced by the trying times in 2020.

This allowance is for the 2020 NQM qualification window only. The NQM requirement in 2021 for entry to the 2022 Nationals will remain at the standard four(4) NQMs

Dion Earnest

Executive Officer
BMX New Zealand Inc


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