Updated NQM status reports

Updated NQM status reports

After a long issue resolution process, the system has been corrected to manage the varied race result formats supplied with BEM race files. The checks that have been done are looking great. So it is now available for club members to review their NQMs.

Click the link below, add in your licence number (with ‘NZ’ at the start) then it will show your total number of NQMs. Click the eye icon & this will show your results at each NQM meeting that you completed.
Please note under the NEW NQM format rules things are slightly different when it come to NQMs…

– a NQM is allocated for the completed race meet attended. Not per class ridden now. So the report will show 1 NQM even if you race Cruiser & 20″ at a race meeting.
– 4 NQMs gained allows you to race at any class at Nationals, as class specific NQMs are no long needed.
– the report shows NQMs up to Friday the 10th of November (this weekends GS & NC event results are still to come in)
– BMXNZ have given all riders who completed Nationals a NQM for this meeting. This will happen only this year to assist the sport during the format change & Nationals moving forward is not a NQM.

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Check your NQMs here  –  https://bmxnz.co.nz/results/nqm

Five NQM race meets are still to come, DN, CB CHC, TG & ALX get out there & get them if you need them.
See www.bmxnz.co.nz for the event flyers.

The Dispensation process will open in January & we will advise when this is available.



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