The OFFICIAL 2017-2018 BMXNZ Calendar has been released.  This replaces the DRAFT version that was pre-released.

Please note this calendar now includes the extra athlete development events happening throughout the season
These are in place to grow good racing for senior riders & is a result of the great racing held last season as the BMXNZ SUPERseries.
– The MICO NZ SUPERseries (MNZSS) is now a seven stop nationwide series with a prize purse at each event. See attached an update from Joe Calkin regarding the new SUPERseries to learn more.
– The World Championship Jnr Elite Qualifiers (WCJEQ) have been instigated by selector Tony Takurua to offer our Jnr Elites local racing so that a wider set of riders can have access to be seen & noted by the selectors. See the attached letter for more information.
– 8M Training Camps. Again instigated by Tony, these 8m training camps are about getting riders ready for the big ramps & first straights. Watch out for more info soon, but these look to include an international coach to assist the riders.
– SDP Camps. Similar to last year, but now set around the country, in conjunction with the MNZSS rounds. The camps for senior riders to are create an environment for progression & also set some times to compare & learn from. BMXNZ is working on coaches for these camps & will advise once these are set in stone.
Please note the SDP & 8m Training camps will be user pays. BMXNZ is working on funding to try to assist with these costs.

There have been some corrections come in from the regions so please note the following
East City Meeting – this is now the 12th November
Waikato NQM correction – The Cambridge event on the 18th November is now a NQM (not Paeroa as on the draft calendar)

Since the release of the new format the idea has been taken on well. We have had a few people contact BMXNZ regarding their concern about the ability to gain enough NQMs in time for January the 1st. We have worked with these people to find solutions that cover the whole sport rather than individual needs. So BMXNZ ran the numbers of who had NQMs now & then ran scenarios of solutions to give the best coverage to people in the sport. As a results of this BMXNZ has settled on two solutions that meet our goal of best coverage for as many riders as possible.

Prior to the solutions below 47% of the 20″ sport had 2 or more NQMs and 58% CRs had 2 or more NQMs. These were good numbers to start with.
With the solution #1 the percentages jumped to 57% 20″ and 67% CRs with 2 or more NQMs each.
Add solution #2 the results were getting much better 74% of riders have 2 or more NQMs
So why are we concerned about riders having 2 or more NQMs?
Riders with 2 or more NQM have a completely viable chance of meeting the 4 NQM requirement for the 2018 Nationals. With the option to race for the last two or to race one & apply for a dispensation OR to apply for two dispensations. The options are there & they are achievable.

Solution #1
All riders who competed in the 2017 BMXNZ Nationals will receive an additional 1 NQM.
Reasoning: these are the committed riders who make up 85% of all those that rode at a NQM meeting in 2016/2017 season. It is also a single point of capturing riders from across the country in one solution, with no bias other than the commitment to go to nationals. This is a one off NQM allocation for the transition year only, not an on going allocation.
Solution #2
Riders must collect only 4 NQMs to ride at Nationals, no matter what class the NQMs are collected in.
Reasoning: if you ride at an event either 20″ or CR you are getting the experience to ride, this is what we want. So it does not matter if you ride one class or two the NQM will allocated to the licence number not the bike type. Once you get 4 NQMs that qualifies you to ride at Nationals 20″ or CR or both.
See attached the update rule. This rule was to come in on Jan 1st 2018, but BMXNZ has brought it forward & it is effective as of today.

Regions need NQM meets to gain NQMs, Wellington Region did not have any and the clubs would not move any around when offered the option to assist the regions riders. BMXNZ has allocated an NQM to WA to assist the region riders for the 2017 NQM window. So now all regions have a NQM race prior to Jan the 1st & they also have a meet or meets within a reasonable distance to travel too, should riders want to race for more NQMs. This is now achievable for riders who are committed.
Northern x 1
Waikato x 2 
Taranaki x 3
Central x 2
Wellington x 0 (now 1)
Mainland North x 2
Mainland South x 2
So for the Northern & Wellington regions who have 1 NQM there are options in the next region to add NQMs. Waikato 2 & Taranaki 3 respectively.

For those new to the sport in January or those new this side of the season & can’t get to Nationals. The new NQM format BMXNZ put in place was made for this purpose. BMXNZ will follow international recognised studies & hold off parents pushing young kids & newbies into highly competitive events straight away. BMXNZ believes that with more experience comes the higher ability to ride stronger & perform better at Nationals, but also to be able to cope better mentally at nationals. We understand some parents may not see this as BMXNZ does, but we are working towards holding on to more kids later on in the sport & this is just the start. A full season of experience is the bear minimum BMXNZ would like to see before tackling Nationals. Hence the new format in regard to delaying newbies from attending Nationals in the year they start BMX.

We have discussed the situation with the people who have contacted BMXNZ & delivered two solutions that cover the greatest number of riders, without compromising the NQM system, by allowing a free for all entry into Nationals. Then BMXNZ has addressed the missing NQM in the Wellington Region as a one off solution. This now gives a high number of the sport an achievable path to Nationals.
BMXNZ would like to thank those people, clubs & regions who contacted BMXNZ directly & worked with us to find & deliver options for the wider sport.
BMXNZ feels embarrassed for those spreading gross misinformation & assumptions online. As for most of the sport, reading and understanding the rules, communicating with the right people to find solutions is refreshing and a model of where BMXNZ is wanting to be with the sport.

If you have any questions regarding the calendar please contact BMXNZ on


BMXNZ – Race Calendar 2017-2018 Master
Jnr Elite Qualifiers Letter Aug 2017
Mico NZ SUPERseries update




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