2022 Nationals – NQM Dispensations OPEN

2022 Nationals – NQM Dispensations OPEN

The NQM Dispensation system is now open for applications & close 30th January 2022.

The system is in place for people who wish to seek dispensation of missed NQM’s due to exceptional reasons.
This is not a “buy your NQM” process. So please make sure you express in you application the reasoning for the need for a dispensation.

As per a communication to the sport late in 2021, BMXNZ has reviewed the NQM requirements for the 2022 Nationals.

Please note, for the 2022 BMXNZ National Championships ONLY there is a need for:
o All licenced riders in the seven Northern Region Clubs – require ONE NQM
o All other licenced riders within the sport – require TWO NQMs

All other requirements regarding NQMs are to be met as per the BMXNZ regulations.

If you have any questions please e-mail admin@bmxnz.co.nz
Apply here: https://nzbmx.club/bmxnz/nqmd/


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