NQM Update

NQM Update

The following link is the update of riders NQMs based off the events done so far in 2017.



  1. The data is a direct reflection of BEM files supplied by clubs, any inconsistencies with the BEM data will reflect in the result of NQMs. Class naming conventions has been a large issue.
  2. NQMs are awarded if the event is completed as per the NQM rules.
  3. Those riders who completed Nationals were also allocated a NQM.
  4. Any Superclass that was recorded manually has been manually inserted to this file if supplied by clubs. Any superclass file not supplied is not included at this point.
  5. NQM totals are now allocated for events completed, regardless of bike class, as per the NQM rule release, 1 NQM per event only.

As you can see there are lots of variables when dealing with NQMs. If you believe you are missing an NQM, please make sure you completed the event first within the NQM rules, then contact Dion and he can check what BEM data has been supplied.


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  1. Hi, How often is this list updated. My son participated in the Taranaki BMX Regional Champs and Wainuiomata Champs but his name isn’t listed NZ8075.

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