BMXNZ Rules & Regulations – Helmet Update

BMXNZ Rules & Regulations – Helmet Update

More frequently of late BMXNZ has been asked about convertible helmets & their use in BMX Racing.

A convertible helmet is one where the chin bar can be removed & the helmet becomes a open face style helmet.

The BMXNZ & Officiating team have researched and discussed the helmets & have come to the following decision. The decision is based on the safety of riders due to the variations of construction, testing & unclear safety standards for these helmets. This decision is effective immediately.

BMXNZ will not allow any convertible style helmets at any BMXNZ sanctioned race meetings. BMXNZ will only accept a full face helmet when the shell is constructed as a once piece design that includes the chin bar.

The BMXNZ rule book will be updated with the following rule

2.024 Helmet

Helmets must be of full face construction equipped with a visor of a minimum 10 centimetres. The helmet shell must be constructed as one piece design. Helmets with removable chin bars are not acceptable. The helmet strap must be securely fastened for the duration of the race. Open face helmets are not allowed.

There are to be no modifications or additions to rider helmets that in the view of the Chief Commissaire could pose a danger to the rider or other riders. Any fixing for the use of cameras is to be fully removed when the equipment is not in use.

When racing, from the start of any race until the point in time when a rider completes the race by crossing the finish line, if a rider’s helmet is removed for any reason, that rider shall be considered as having abandoned the race in question and will be scored as Did Not Finish (DNF).



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