NQM Changes – NQM data for 2017

NQM Changes – NQM data for 2017

As a follow up of the NQM format change information released on Friday the 10th, below is a link to the updated NQM data

based on events held from January 1st 2017 till today.

As noted in the new format change, BMXNZ has agreed that the NQMs from the start of the 2017 year will be used for a second time as allocation for the 2018 Nationals.


This is a similar report to the NQM system used in 2017 and shows your NQM total for either your 20″ or CR. Further data search features will be updated as the programming is completed.

Also attached is the NQM information sheet, detailing the ideals & rules of the NQM system. This was released at the same time as the format change but is here again for everyone to read & understand the system.

If you have any questions please call or e-mail Dion Earnest.

Download NQM INFO: NQM INFO Letter Feb 2017




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