A Social Media Issue

A Social Media Issue

While your riders are showing off their skills on the track, someone may be taking photos or videos for posting on-line.

Please make sure your riders look their best. This season we have seen posts of riders with skid lids, short sleeves, short pants, partial knee pads or no pads at all.  

Social media is a great tool for reaching out to the public, please pass the message onto your members that as licensed riders, they must follow the rules put there for their protection.
People see riders without full safety gear and assume it’s the norm.
For example, there has also been a race flyer for a “category 9” (not calendared) meet, with a photo showing a rider with a skid lid, no gloves and a T-shirt! Not the message we want to get across.
If you are a licensed rider, riding on a BMXNZ affiliated track, you must comply with BMX-NZ rules, then, when it gets posted on Facebook, you look your best and show you are promoting the sport correctly.


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