Kiwis Day 2 & 3 – UCI World Championships – Rock Hill USA

Kiwis Day 2 & 3 – UCI World Championships – Rock Hill USA

Day two put the team into the last practice session of day, after the carnage of the Sunday practice where the last two sessions were cancelled due to the ferocious thunder storms.

This time there were no thunder storms, but the heat was unbelievable with 35 degrees in the afternoon once again.

Almost all the riders are coping with the heat now, and a good session was had, albeit shorted, with most kids getting two laps only.

Day three first day of competition. Cruiser classes, all ages.

With 22 riders involved it was a busy start to the session.

As a caution by the UCI, the motos had been cut to two motos to qualify to finals, so that facilities could be shut down prior to afternoon thunderstorms and the added intense humidity and heat.

The day started out great with some good results, putting a good chunk of the team into quarter finals.  

But from there were dwindled down to a few and then to one, with only Jessie Smith making her final and taking the win.

Congratulations to Jessie for being unbeaten all day.

Congratulations also to all of the NZL Cruiser team, for the efforts made in these conditions.

We now look towards day three, with the youngest of our riders in the 20” format.  Again, reduced to two motos, due to pending thunderstorms.

Jessie Smith – World Champion W1


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