BMXNZ NQM Data – 2016-2017 Season

BMXNZ NQM Data – 2016-2017 Season

Please find below a link to the NQM data for the season so far.

First I must apologies for the delay, I have been working in the background to produce a new system to mine & deliver the data in a much easier way. But also in time the system to be able to mine & extract other data we a few clicks of a button, so that clubs & individuals we see progress how where & why they have or have not got NQMs.

So the list in the link is the first cut for the sport to view, we will update this as time allows to show more information.

It shows your licence number, name, bike type, club & your NQM points so far for the bike type.

The data is sortable by each of the headings, so making it easier search or group, just click on the header you wish to sort by.

Also on the far right we have the interim breakdown view. Just hover your mouse over the eye & it will show the race meet where you raced & will say ‘Y’ for an NQM or a ‘N’ for a non-complete NQM.

The ‘Y’ or ‘N’ runs in line with the BMXNZ rules around the requirements for gaining an NQM at a race meet.

As with any new system there will be issues that we need to cover off, plus the logic is fooled by errors in the BEM files.

So if you have any questions or can see an error, please let me know on & I will look into it for you.

So from here forward we should be able to push out the update quickly for you after each meeting, the moment we get data from the event.



Dion Earnest
Executive Officer
BMX New Zealand Inc.
P O Box 11641
Auckland 1542


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