2016 BMXNZ SUPERseries

2016 BMXNZ SUPERseries

BMXNZ, CNZ & the sport of BMX have developed a key race series around the Senior Development Program (SDP). Where the goal is to create a valid high performance race series that will bring an increased level of skill & ability together, so that the riders can progress their race craft & skill in a local environment.

The initial Series will be undertaken over 4 events to be held at the following locations:

17th September 2016 – New Plymouth BMX
25th September 2016 – Cambridge BMX
8th October 2016 – Te Awamutu BMX
23rd October 2016 – Cambridge BMX

See flyer for more information: SDP SUPERSERIES Flyer

SDP Structure

SDP is built up from a three segment approach, and sits in the BMXNZ Athlete Development Structure above the RDP & below Elite. The SI, S2 & S3 segments step the athletes towards the Championship Elite level of riding. Key to this is a program to push the athletes & log the data, then add some consistent high level racing. Please see the following page for the BMXNZ Athlete Development Structure.


The initial goal here is to build good racing with full gates & multiple moto’s in both male & female classes. The SDP program start at UCI 14yrs so the idea of a 15+ Superclass group would widen the net to pull in the numbers. The 14/15 aged riders could ride up as they feel able & this will become the goal for them. The top age limit is open, to include Elite & ex-Elite riders that would offer exceptional racing to the younger rider wanting to progress.

A SDP Development Squad would be picked form this group for emersion into the CNZ BMX Hub & it has been confirmed to build the old CSE events into the SUPERseries & look to also include a CI event from 2017.

Event Logistics

As per the Jnr Champs planning docs, the dates of the SUPERseries is set around the events at the end of the calendar year, which is the beginning of the summer season. The reasoning to this, is that this SUPERseries would become a logical build up to travelling to Australia to do the Champ & Pro Bike rounds in January each year. As the SUPERseries is based on the Regional Champs in the period, the series would lift the value of the existing meetings & will always be located at good BMX facilities. This timing structure, will also allow NCEA aged riders to get the riding completed prior to exams which sit Nov-Dec.
Round 1 – Taranaki Region Champs
Round 2- Pre Norths
Round 3 – Waikato Region Champs
Round 4 – North Island Titles

Championship Selection Event (CSE)

The existing CES events are a one off, small window for non travelling rider to show off their talents. This proposal builds the CSE ideals into the 4 race Series format, which will give riders more opportunity to shine & also better opportunity to be able to attend should one or two weekend not suit. The timing of the series also allows rider to hear from the selectors, get feed­back & measure themselves against the rest of the sport, prior to year end & a possible licence change to Championship class for the younger riders.


As the format is a SUPERclass type event, BMXNZ is looking to put of a sufficient prize pool to entice riders. BMXNZ is open to sell the naming rights to the SUPERseries, but in the mean time BMXNZ will support this plan in the short term to get is off the ground. As part of the Senior Development structure supporting the riders only assists them to do more racing & in turn will help to develop them more. Prizes won’t necessarily be cash, other options are being explored.


Series extension. BMXNZ is looking to build more CI events in. Scoping to build the series into international opportunity.


High end racing within the development structure of the sport, clear pathway structure for pre-Jnrs & stepping stones for 14-15yr olds wanting to progress. Open racing for Elites to fine tune skills & for the general sport rider who wants to measure themselves against the best.

Download Racing program here: SDP SUPERSERIES Proposal V2

SDP SUPERSERIES Proposal V2_Page_2


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