Sarah Walker back on the bike

Sarah Walker back on the bike

BMX rider Sarah Walker has clicked off a few sedate laps of the carpark as she heads towards what she hopes will be an all-clear verdict on her broken arm.

She was back on the pedals yesterday for the first time since breaking her arm five weeks ago and putting some uncertainty around her World Championship and Olympic dreams.

“I was pretty nervous but also very excited, I was 99 per cent sure it would be okay,” Walker told the Mike Hosking breakfast show.

Listen to Sarah Walker talk with Mike Hosking about her recovery:

The 2012 silver medal Olympian suffered a double fracture in a fall during a technical training session at Cambridge and needed several plates to help repair the damage.

Since then Walker’s exercise regime has concentrated on gym work where she has set several personal best marks until yesterday’s landmark pedal.

“I just rolled around in the carpark so nothing really extreme yet,” she said. “

“I am only five weeks post surgery on Saturday this weekend so I am easing back into it and not doing anything silly.”

Walker has an appointment with her surgeon on Thursday to check the bones have knitted properly so she can resume her buildup on the bike.

She was a reasonably sensible patient and knew the line between “pushing it and being silly”

Reasonable patient know the line between being responsible and letting the bones heal or pushing it and being silly.

“If I push it too hard too quickly then it is going to take even longer so I’d like to think I’m a good patient,” Walker said.

World Champs were at the end of May and that was “heaps of time” for her to get ready after what had been “a minor speedbump.”

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