Double world Champion – Cailen Calkin

Double world Champion – Cailen Calkin

Just back from our amazing trip through Europe that included of course the 2014 worlds. What a blast!!

Joe Calkin: Very thankful that we were able to experience a world champs at home before taking on a European event. The amount of riders and the amount of fast riders was an eye opener and just to know how the event runs and the pressures we would all feel made this able to be prepared and practiced for.

Cailen Calkin 1

This served Cailen well but the occasion still effected Keegan and he was not able to show the world the pace he has. I feel for his disappointment in himself … BMX is as cruel as it is exciting.

Cailen Calkin podium
I was standing next to a Colombian dad during the finals of the younger age groups and he simply could not believe the amount of kiwis in the top 8.
The next group had plenty of representation also and a few hard luck stories which are never far from any BMX meet.
We could not be more proud of how Cailen prepared for and executed this worlds.

Cailen Calkin ahoy


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