BMXNZ Contact Tracing form

BMXNZ Contact Tracing form

As per the Level 2 requirements ALL organised gatherings by Clubs and Regions MUST contact trace.

BMXNZ has created a basic form and process to do this.

We have kept a manual form to make it easy for people to use & update. To complete the Government requirement please follow the 3 step process below;

1 – Print out copies of the BMXNZ CONTACT TRACING Form
2 – The gathering organiser MUST take details of all people attending the gathering. This includes riders, parent, siblings, spectator etc. EVERYONE!
3 – Once the gathering is finished. Take a CLEAR and FOCUSED picture of the sheet/s and save it to the clubs files. Then send it via e-mail to

–  Either one person from the club can fill this form in or it can be filled in by the attendees. If multiple people are filling the form. A solution to wash or sanitise hands MUST be supplied.
– Clubs MUST manage the required Groups of 10 & the total people attending of 100
– Club MUST prep & sanitise the facility BEFORE, DURING and AFTER use of the gathering
– Club MUST manage the physical distancing
– People who do not wish to add their details MUST NOT attend the gathering.

Contract Tracing, Physical distancing, groups of 10, sanitising and cleaning are the NEW NORMAL. If these things are not done for a gathering, the gathering is not to proceed. It is the Clubs responsibility for this to happen.

If you have any questions, please contact BMXNZ

Download here: BMXNZ CONTACT TRACING FORM 13 5 20


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