Level 1 BMXNZ UPDATE on COVID-19 for 9th June 2020

Level 1 BMXNZ UPDATE on COVID-19 for 9th June 2020

The following update is once again the position of the sport as a result of the new ALERT Level issued yesterday by the New Zealand Government. This BMX New Zealand (BMXNZ) statement regarding BMX activity is for all clubs and members of BMXNZ and Cycling New Zealand.

Our original key point ‘our responsibility to society as a sporting body’ has been part of the success to get us to the point today of reasonable normality. But let’s keep a hold of those good ideals from lockdown, by continuing with our hygiene, by washing your hands regularly, being mindful of personal space and staying away when sick.

Level1 is the new normal, all areas of limitation within NZ have been lifted, so it is business as usual, you can train, race, open the canteen, hire gear and play bike. Following are some recommendations for BMX Clubs of our new normal;

The BMXNZ ALERT Level1 recommendations below, cover all affiliated clubs & licenced riders;

– Contact Tracing is the responsibility of the individual. Please make notes of your travels or use the COVID app to record your visits to places, businesses or events. BMXNZ is looking into supplying a COVID App QR code for each club to assist this process.

– Keep up the process to constantly clean & sanitize common touchpoints within the club environments. This is a general hygiene practice that will protect all clubs members.

– Any rental gear and bikes must have a cleaning process after every use.

This list is a reminder of the basics, it is recommended that the club committees discuss your club situation & prepare what is needed to protect your club moving forward.

Planning is now in progress to build the 2020-2021 BMX season, within COVID Level1 racing is back on and fully functional. We are excited to get back on the track ASAP.

BMXNZ will continue to provide further updates as more information is available. Please contact BMXNZ if you have any questions or need assistance.


Dion Earnest

Executive Officer
BMX New Zealand


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