BMXNZ appoints new National Officiating Director

BMXNZ appoints new National Officiating Director

I hope life in your bubbles is treating you well and you aren’t suffering from BMX withdrawal too much.

As you all know the sport has had a void in the past season of an Officiating lead. Over the last year, the BMXNZ Board have discussed, worked with and watched various people within the sport and BMXNZ is now in a position, after much research, to make a decision.

On behalf of BMXNZ, I would like to announce that we have appointed Tony Nelson as our new National Officiating Director.

Tony will start picking up the reins on a raft of projects so that we can rebuild the officiating team. First up Tony will be working with BMXNZ over the next few days to put together the National Officiating Panel. Then will start working through the Officiating Training system so that he continue building an army of recruits to keep the succession moving forward.

BMXNZ congratulate Tony on his appointment and we look forward to working with him.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself or Tony.

Warren Boggiss
BMXNZ Board Chairman


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