Hawera BMX club gearing up for speed

Hawera BMX club gearing up for speed

A grant of over $13,000 from NZCT will enable the Hawera BMX club to buy transponder cabling and recording equipment for their racing events.

With BMXNZ having moved to transponder timing scoring for all races, it was important for the club to ensure they had the up-to-date cabling and decoders to run BMX events via a transponder timing system.

“We were so excited to have the support of NZCT and to be successful with our funding application,” says Club Secretary Cushla Fevre. “The cost of this equipment is significant so receiving funding for it is fantastic.

“By having the new transponder timing system we will be able to hold BMX race events with riders seeing their recorded times for each of their races,” says Cushla. “This will help them improve their racing. We will also be able to use the timing system to train riders at sessions. All times will be recorded and available for riders online.”

Hawera BMX club has over 75 members and is growing fast with new members joining every month. They spend a lot of time promoting BMX in Hawera to attract families to give the sport a go.

“We have children from as young as 3 years old at the club,” says Cushla. “These riders ride their balance bikes and are learning amazing skills. Our competitor riders are aged from 5 years old through to over 50 years old. These riders are both male and female.

“NZCT are amazing supporters of the Hawera BMX Club and we cannot thank them enough for their continued support.”


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