BMX New Zealand Annual Awards – 2018 Nominations

BMX New Zealand Annual Awards – 2018 Nominations

BMXNZ is to host the 2018 National Awards Presentations at the AGM Dinner this coming July.
This is the last call for the four awards that are up for nomination through your clubs. 

It won’t just be victories, medals or trophies that will help decide the winners – Just as important is the commitment and passion to BMX and representing themselves, their club, region & the whole sport in the selfless fashion that will be taken into consideration when deciding the winners.

All people in the categories will be considered and you are encouraged to nominate them through your clubs.

Nominations have been extended to Wednesday the 16th May.  

Categories are as follows:

2018 Sportswoman of the Year
2018 Sportsman of the Year
2018 North Island Coach of the year
2018 South Island Coach of the Year

Nomination are to be from the Clubs or Regions to BMXNZ.  Please contact YOUR club now with nominations!


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