CNZ Performance Development Hub for BMX – Training Camp & Program Information

CNZ Performance Development Hub for BMX – Training Camp & Program Information

Cycling New Zealand is in the process of developing a new Performance Development Hub for BMX whom the coach for this is myself, Matt Cameron.

The initial key part of this process is to invite a set of athletes within the sport in New Zealand to be a part of this positive, constructive and team environment to which these athletes and riders will train under Cycling New Zealand and myself nationwide.

You may be asking yourself so what does this mean for me?

CNZ and BMXNZ highlighted a gap where the sport is in need of a development program. The ambitions of the BMX Performance Development Hub is to ultimately develop a greater pool of riders within New Zealand who in the future could perform and become successful on a world stage both at a World Championship and Olympic level within the elite ranks. Further, this program will positively impact the sport of BMX by enabling further development to prepare the right kind of athletes for a possible CNZ High Performance Program.

The Performance Development hub and I will work with a small group of athletes both male and female aged between 15 – 19 years who will be invited to train for 12 months between the periods of May 1st 2018 – April 30th 2019. This will likely expand and evolve as the establishment solidifies through time. Invited riders will have access to myself as the hub coach where they will train together as a team/unit twice per week on the BMX track, twice per week with strength and conditioning and key performance workshops depending on maturity levels. We realise you the rider may have reached the point where you are with your current coach. We are not here to stop that growth, rather allow you to take the next step in your progression. If you choose to continue to work with your current coach, this is totally understandable and Matt will work alongside them to excel you forward should you choose to continue your training with them.

For those who are not based within the Waikato, school holiday training camps, training structures and programming will be sent out to riders who cannot attend and we will work closely with those athletes and coaches to ensure all aspects for their training is best utilised. In some cases (Not all), I can step in to that region and set up a positive training environment for a small group if needed.

Riders will be eligible to be a part of this Performance Development Hub program for 12 months or beyond with training camps every 12 months to allow ALL of sport to have the opportunity to join this group once per year. To reiterate, this is a development space for the sport, NOT a High Performance space/program.

Not only are athletes invited to join this space, but we encourage parents to attend and current coaches who work within this space also attend this initial training camp to gain some learning and knowledge of this space and how it operates. Both BMX NZ and Cycling New Zealand will work alongside each other to give ALL of the eligible riders an open opportunity to be involved in the training camp, then ensuring invitees chosen to grow within this special hub space is by a fair process.

What is required of me to become a part of this Performance Development Hub group?

Riders who want to be eligible for invitation to this new development hub training group will be required to attend the 3 day training camp within the Waikato where I will go through extensive training processes, where riders will be tested physically, tactically, technically and mentally as well as run other aspects to enable everyone a fair shot to become a part of the hub training group. This will NOT be a coaching camp, rather a development camp for our BMX New Zealand and Cycling New Zealand staff to see what is showcased by ALL individuals who are a part of the camp.

If you wish to be eligible to be a part of this hub group, please follow the details, info and link below to register. You MUST follow the link and fill in the details to be eligible for invitation otherwise you will not be considered to be a part of this group.

A key aspect to note, invitation to the fulltime performance hub will to be those individuals who showcase and align with our ethics of positive, mature, willingness to develop and learn, open minded, willingness to communicate and work as a team along with a large emphasis of how you hold yourself as an athlete. Riders may not necessarily be the ‘fastest’ individuals, but the hardestworking rider who aligns with the above values and willingness to get faster and excel in a positive training environment.

When, What, Where, How training camp?
Hub Invitation Review Panel: BMXNZ – Tony Takurua, Cycling New Zealand – Graeme Hunn

Registration: Athletes, coaches and parents please click the link and complete the entire form. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT if you wish to be considered or wish to attend. Coaches, this an opportunity for you to learn and assist myself in operating and delivering this camp to enable your own personal development. You will help deliver this camp as and where needed.

Athletes –
Parents/Coaches –

Who can attend: Anyone who would like to be considered to become a part of the Cycling New Zealand BMX Performance Development Hub aged: 15 – 19 years both male and female

Where/When: 27th – 29th April on Waikato based tracks (Cambridge and Te Awamutu).
Start: Friday 27th April 9am sharp at the Avantidrome, Cambridge in meeting room 1 (top floor as soon as you enter the building)

Camp Timetable: (Tracks TBC)

Fees: ALL facility and training costs incurred will be covered by Cycling New Zealand. The only fee you the rider, parent, caregiver or coach is your time and any costs to travel to the Waikato/Cambridge region to attend the initial camp such as accommodation, petrol, food etc.

Notification of riders who are invited into the New Zealand Performance Development Hub: Notification/invites/emails will be sent out 21 days after completion of training camp

Training Starts: For those who are successful to be invited into this training space with myself and Cycling New Zealand, training will commence on the 21st May, 2018.

Kind Regards,

Matt Cameron
National BMX Performance Development Hub Coach


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