Officiating Update – BMXNZ

Officiating Update – BMXNZ

Clips/Clipless pedals & shoes
Please remind all sprocket parents that the sprocket age classes (7yrs & under) CANNOT where clips at any race meet, including club meets, inter-club meets or any calendar meets. Please refer to the rule book for the rules if needed. This is in place to protect kids from future knee issues & bad rider habits.  

Sprocket Plates
Another one for the littlies, ALL Sprocket age classes MUST run the BMXNZ sprocket pates at any race meets as above, including club meets, inter-club meets or any calendar meets (Except BMXNZ Major Meetings). The Sprocket format is to limit competitiveness to the just the riding, so there is no perceived advantage for individual kids, it supposed to be fun at this age!! Once they are UCI eight they can run any plates they wish. Until then Sprocket plates only please.

Club Suffix on all plates
This is for ALL riders in the sport, in ALL classes. You must apply your club suffix to your race plates. Ask your club what that is & put it on your plate. This is there for easy of identification by officials & clears confusion between plates that have the same numbers.
All club suffix’s are shown online at under the “about BMX” tab & in the “guidelines for the sport” section.

Chief Commissaire Rulings
The Chief Comm at any meeting is there mainly to manage the meeting, makes sure it runs smoothly & to the rules of the sport, so everyone has a fair chance while racing & everyone is safe. Sometimes they do need to make some hard calls in regard to riders ability to continue racing due to safety to others & also to themselves. Please be aware that the Chief Comm’s call on such matters is final & shall be followed. Any conduct contrary to the ruling of a Chief Comm can & will result in sanctions to that rider.


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