Championship Riders – CN and South Island Titles explained

Championship Riders – CN and South Island Titles explained

Attention ALL Championship riders and pending Championship class riders.

The Championship Nationals event is on in Christchurch during the South Island Titles (SITs). This post is to clarify a few things, so you are all on the same page.

The Championship Nationals (CN) is a UCI CN event and is separate from the Souths, but it is run at the same meeting.

The CN event will be run on the Saturday and finish on the Saturday. The prize giving and prize purse will be delivered during the next SITs round break after your final. This is estimated after round 3 of the SITs.

Please note your Championship Nationals event will also deliver your South Island Titles ranking. There is no need to enter the SITs as well.

There is a MICO SUPERclass run on the Sunday if you wish to stay & compete for that prize purse on the Sunday

The CN EVENT flyer is attached to this post.

The online EVENT ENTRY page is as follows;

If you have any issues entering online, please email the following address for help;

To enter the South Superclass on Sunday, please go online to and the events page & sign up via the Souths Entry link.

If you have any questions, please let me know & I will assist.



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