2016 BMX Outstanding Contribution Award

2016 BMX Outstanding Contribution Award

A stayer, long term thinker & voice for reason sums up this year’s winner of the Outstanding Contribution Award.

Bruce Northwood has been in the sport for a fair while, with kids come & gone, himself an amateur athlete, now with grandkids putting in the pedals, BMX has been in the blood for many, many years.

Over that time, Bruce has been involved at all levels like many in the cycling codes, parent helper, volunteer, committees, presidents & then on to the BMXNZ Board, with a short stint on what was formally know as the Bike NZ Board.

Fifteen years on the BMXNZ Board, has seen many changes and developments, from taking a loose sport & helping to structure it into a successful self-funding formula, to successfully securing the 2013 World Championships. BMX Parents, Olympic Games, laundry peg gate picks and pro riders its continuing journey.

BMXNZ will lose Bruce from the top, as he steps away for the Board. We will miss the detailed questioning and dry legal wit that has shaped our sport. We are sure now there will be more time for 70s and 80s revival concerts and the winter pow-pow to enjoy.

Thank you, Bruce, for the effort and time over the years spent on our sport, we sincerely appreciate it.

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