Real Life First Aid Course

Real Life First Aid Course

Northern Region clubs completed in the Real Life First Aid course over the weekend 11/12th Sept with 25 attendees. Saturday was held at East City and Sunday at North Harbour.

When asked to write an article about the Real Life First Aid course that I attended on the 12th Sept at North Harbour BMX club – I wondered how I could make an article on a first aid course sound fun, entertaining, lots of laughs as well as a great learning environment. Because for the 25 attendees – that was exactly what the Real Life First Aid course was! Great people with awesome patient instructors who lled the day with fun, laughter and lots of great learning experiences.

I firstly decided to attend the course after reading the email inviting interest – I thought what a great opportunity to 1 be able to help my children if they were involved in a BMX accident and to be able to benefit our club with First Aid.

We started the day with a bit of theory which quickly led into learning through role play. We also learnt how to take off a helmet and also roll an injured rider taking all precautions of the injured riders neck and back. The one really important advice that Malinda told us was to always undo the chin strap of the helmet to prevent suffocation!!! Something i had never even thought about.

The next section was the most fun – after lunch we did real life scenarios!!! The instructors Malinda and Lance set up some real life BMX accidents that we as parents/ spectators had to deal with. Wow it was a lot to take in BUT the learning through practical experience was priceless – especially the use of the ‘fake blood’.

It was great to see all ages participating – young riders, coaches as well as parents and BMX committee members.

Photo: Real Life First Aid Facebook page

I strongly recommend for anyone who gets the opportunity to attend one of these courses should GO FOR IT! The course is not only a lot of fun, you learn some BMX specific real life basic skills. And the instructors are very knowledgeable in the biking field – with examples of some real scenarios that they have attended.

We would like to acknowledge the support from the Grass Roots Trust:
Article from Paula Romer from Whangarei. (Photos courtesy of Real Life First Aid Facebook page)


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