BMX Race Plates Standards in New Zealand

BMX Race Plates Standards in New Zealand

BMXNZ would like to remind all Championship, Challenge & Club Licence riders of the requirements for number plates.

Riders must use the plate and number colour combinations as below:

• Men Elite / Women Elite: White plate – Black numbers
• Men Juniors / Women Juniors: Black plate – White numbers
• Male 20”: Yellow plate – Black numbers
• Female 20”: Blue plate – White numbers
• Cruisers: Red plate – White numbers

Numbers 1-50 are protected for National rankings. Numbers must be a min of 75mm high x 10mm wide and all plates must display a club prefix of a min 25mm in height. This includes riders who have a World or Oceania Top 8 ranking.

Riders are required to have the correct plate affixed to their bike at all BMXNZ Calendared race meetings including the practice sessions at these meetings.


Kiwi Sprocket Rockets are provided an official BMX New Zealand Sprocket plate when licensing, however over time we have seen that these plates have been broken, riders have cut them down or have replaced them with their own version of the plate.

A requirement of the Sprocket Program is that the official BMX New Zealand plate is to be used at all times.

Riders that do not have the correct plate, or has been lost or broken, or not of the original size, will be required to order a new plate prior to the start of racing.

The replacement Sprocket plate will be couriered directly to the rider at a cost of $25.00 to cover the plate plus the courier charges.
Clubs are able to order and hold a stock of Sprocket plates – Please discuss with your Club licencing person if you require a replacement Sprocket plate.


Over the last year the standards have slipped, so from 1 November 2016 – Riders attending meeting without the correct plate, colour combination and/or number will not be able to compete at the event.

There are many plate options for Championship, Challenge & Club riders, be it from your local shop, online shops, on Facebook, making your own or even using a BMXNZ supplied plate from a Major Meeting. There is no longer any excuse to run anything other than the sport requirements.



  1. This article is 5 years old, are these the current rules? My son will be riding his first year and will be eight years old. I want to make sure I get the correct plate.

    ‘Men Juniors / Women Juniors: Black plate – White numbers’

    btw, the links no longer work.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Joseph, yes the article is correct and still current. For your son at 8 years old, he will need a yellow plate with black numbers.

      I have removed the links – see this discussion on facebook for ideas:

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