BMXNZ Board Member Appointed

BMXNZ Board Member Appointed

On behalf of BMX New Zealand Inc. I would like to announce the secondment of a new member onto the BMXNZ Board and welcome Jason Wadsworth to the team.

Jason is involved with the Mainland South Region & his local club Dunedin rolling out Coaching & the Regional Development programs. His day job is in Sports Development with Sport Otago and he has two children who are involved with BMX. All of these points have a common theme which BMXNZ has noted & the secondment of Jason is to focus on the Region, Club & Sprocket development portfolio.

As this is a key focus point for the coming year, I will be assisting Jason to deliver the goals of the strategic plan, which is at its core, membership growth through strengthening & supporting the clubs.

We hope the sport welcomes Jason on board the BMXNZ Team & works with us to move the sport forward. Regards

Warren Boggiss
BMX NZ Board Chairman


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