2015 Coach of the Year – Bryan Joyce

2015 Coach of the Year – Bryan Joyce

This year’s recipient started BMX when he was younger and has been a part of the sport ever since.

Bryan CNZ Coach of the year
2015 CNZ Coach of the Year Bryan Joyce. Photo Cycling New Zealand

Bryan’s path in the sport and experience has put him in the prime place to encourage kids to step up and push for a high level of achievement.

He has helped training for his club (Papakura) for years and has seen many kids grow from sprockets to Mighty 11’s and beyond. He has also recently offered private training and coaching at realistic costs so families can experience focused support of their riders.

His ability to walk the talk and progress his own riding validates his skill clinics, and his down to earth nature allows him to associate with a wide range of people.

Bryan is part of our old school set of riders and we are grateful he has the time and the enthusiasm to pass this love for BMX on to our next generation.

Congratulations, Bryan


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