Sarah Walker on track for Rio Olympics

Sarah Walker on track for Rio Olympics

She hasn’t returned to the BMX track yet, but Sarah Walker’s prospects of making the Rio Olympics are back on course.
The 2012 silver medalist suffered a double fracture of her arm after a fall during a training session in Cambridge last month, but a quick recovery has put Walker back on schedule to compete for an Olympic spot at full-strength.

Speaking to Radio Sport’s Charlie Bristow, Walker is positive her Olympic hopes are back on track.

“I had surgery on Saturday last weekend and I got out of hospital and basically started making a plan on what the path to Rio now looks like after my setback.

“There wasn’t a lot of adjustments which is really cool, everything is still on track pretty much,” said Walker.

Walker has had a huge injury toll over the last four years, with the 27 year-old having now suffered 11 fractures to her arms in four separate incidents.

The most recent incident wasn’t devastating though for the up-beat personality, who tackled the comeback with a positive approach.

“I’ve got five or six weeks off letting the bone heal – Two new plates and 15 more screws in my arms – I’ll be a little bit more stressful going through airports now but its going really well, I’m back in the gym training and doing bodyweight stuff and my legs.”

“We’ll keep pushing it a little bit more each week but obviously making sure the priority is the recovery of my arm and making sure I’m doing everything I can to make that healed as quickly as possible,” she said.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Initially, Walker wasn’t sure whether the injury would be long-term or just a few weeks, but with “everyone surprised at how fast it’s healing”, she is set for a return in time for Olympic qualifying.

Walker will be missing the season-opening World Cup event in Argentina and is unlikely to be back for the following Manchester event, but still has plenty of opportunities to compete for a Rio berth.

“There’s still a World Cup in Holland and then also World Champs in Colombia that I will be ready for so we’re just gearing towards that now.

“It’s not really changed Olympic qualifying too much – it’s not ideal but it hasn’t blown everything out of the water.”

Walker will have to compete strongly in Colombia to make the Olympics, but that is a situation she has experience dealing with.

“It comes down to my performance at the World Champs and that’s fine – I qualified for the London Olympics at the World Champs so I’ve been in that situation before.

“It’s a little bit more stressful but its great practice.”

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