2015-2016 NQM Status Update

2015-2016 NQM Status Update

Attached is the final NQM report for the 2016 portion of the season.  Also attached is the first report for the end of 2015 so that you can total up the values if needed.


You have until 5pm Sunday 6th of March to apply for a dispensation, should you need the extra NQMs to get to Nationals. If this is not done, then qualification will be incomplete and you cannot compete at NATs.

If you have any queries, please contact your club who will contact BMXNZ.

Download 2015 here: NQMs Allocation final end of 2015
Download 2016 here: NQMs Allocation Final – Start of 2016


  1. Have noticed that Tom Ceselli from Hawkes Bay BMX club 2 of his nqm points are under Hutt Valley instead of Hawkes Bay. Is this going to be a problem? Regards Angelo Ceselli

    1. Hi, as long as he has all his NQM’s, it shouldn’t be. Get your club secretary to get in touch with Dion at BMXNZ if you want them ammended.

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