BMXNZ 2018 Major Meetings

BMXNZ 2018 Major Meetings

BMX New Zealand announces the Successful bids for the 2018 Major meetings

I am pleased to announce the Regions which will be hosting the three major events for 2018.
2018 BMX New Zealand South Island Titles – Mainland North Region – hosted at the Christchurch City BMX Club

2018 BMX New Zealand National Championships – Taranaki Region – hosted at the New Plymouth BMX Club

2018 BMX New Zealand North Island Titles – Northern Region – hosted at the Mountain Raiders BMX Club

A big thank you to all those regions and clubs who put their name forward for consideration. It is great to see clubs keen to participate in the major events which make up such an important and enjoyable part of the sport.


Warren Boggiss
BMX NZ Chairman & Major Event Coordinator



    1. Hi Sharon, sorry, but only NZ nationals or permanent residents of NZ only can ride at BMXNZ National Championships. International riders are able to enter North and South Island Titles however.

  1. Hi there
    Just awaiting a responce in regard to entering the NZ. National in Taranaki 2018
    We have 11 year old twins who are Nz citizens. We live in Australia and ride here.
    Looking to combine a trip home and enter them into the nationals if they are able to compete?
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Yes New Zealand Nationals, have access to the BMXNZ Nationals.
    You are able to check this by looking at your BMXA Licence, it may have a nationality on it that says either New Zealand or NZL. It may have your UCI number that start with NZL as well. If this is on there, then yes you can attend the BMXNZ Nationals.
    If this is not the case, then all we need is NZ passports or birth certs as proof of nationality.

    Send me an e-mail on & I can advise on the qualification process to attend the BMXNZ Nationals.


  3. HI guys,
    I’ve just booked a hotel in Baku for the world champs 2018. This is our first overseas worlds so all a bit new to us. Just wondering if there are confirmed dates please as i seem to be getting mixed reports and will need to amend the booking if needed.. I had 21 May-28th. Other reports are 4-11th and even 3rd-4th June for championship riders! We have 12 and under aged group boys so also wondering how much before racing time they get on track, weather we should be arriving there earlier. Thanks in advance

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