AIMS Games

AIMS Games

The Tauranga BMX Club is very excited to announce that our proposal to have BMX racing added into the 2016 NZCT AIMS GAMES has been accepted!

The NZCT AIMS GAMES is an international sporting championship held every September in Tauranga, which in 2015, 8000+ intermediate aged athletes competed in twenty plus sporting codes over the GAMES week.

Many people may already be familiar with the NZCT AIMS GAMES, for those that are not aware of how impressive this competition is, please check out Sky TV’s feature on the 2015 GAMES .

In 2016 the NZCT AIMS GAMES will commence with the opening ceremony on Sunday, 4th September and the GAMES end on Friday 9th September. BMX is planned to be held on Monday 5th, Tuesday 6th, and Thursday 8th.  This 3 day event will include motos, time trials, and a school team challenge/event.

It is important to note that BMX @ NZCT AIMS GAMES as an event will differ from the usual BMX format because all competitors will be representing their school, not their clubs.

All entries for the BMX at the NZCT AIMS GAMES will be made through the rider’s schools (prior to May 2016) and there are around 248 NZ intermediate and middle schools registered with AIMS, eligible schools are listed here;

BMX at the NZCT AIMS GAMES is open to all year 7’s and 8’s wanting to enter (20′ bikes only) and they must be members of their local BMX Club.  To ensure riders have some level of track experience prior to the AIMS GAMES championships, membership of a local club has been made a condition of entry.

Further event details/specifics will be provided once these are available, but in the meantime please be proactive.  Although entries are conducted through the rider’s schools, there is potential for club memberships to grow… especially once news of BMX @ NZCT AIMS GAMES spreads.

We recommend club consider hosting open days with your local schools that are registered with the AIMS GAMES.  Please also make yourselves, and your BMX involvement, known to your local school principals and/or sports co-coordinators. Bearing in mind that it is the schools that are responsible for entering a BMX team, the schools will not yet know that BMX has been included for 2016, and they will all require a full support crew to assist their riders. Schools in Australia will also be invited, so please let any friends/family there know about BMX at the NZCT AIMS GAMES.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact the Tauranga BMX Club or Tina Bourke at

We are looking forward to seeing lots of your riders in September 2016


Tina Bourke
BMX @ AIMS GAMES Event Director
On behalf of the Tauranga BMX Club


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