Day One – Macquarie BMX Track

Day One – Macquarie BMX Track

The weather has been picture perfect and after the opening ceremony with a very passionate Haka.

We started top of the race order with the Mighty 11s Class.

Today we have had 2 Mightys tests with results currently standing with Boys NZ 43 AUS 35 and Girls NZ 25 AUS 53.

At current standings we have 8 NZ riders in the top 16 of the Mighty 11s Class. Our Mightys are not holding back and going for gold.

We have got the crashes over and done with. Cooper fell in his first Mightys Class race, Lachie in the second test race and Michael Ranford in his 4th Mighties moto. No injuries so all good. Tomorrow we have 3 tests and one more Mightys Class race followed by semis and finals.

Bring on tomorrow!

Cheers Sharon


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