From the BMX NZ Office

From the BMX NZ Office

Hi all from BMX NZ HQ

As we all know the end of the BMX NZ season was topped off with the 2015 BMX NZ National Championships held at the Christchurch City track in the South Island. What a great event! Using the new split day format to great effect for the riders and officials, the racing went smoothly and started and ended at a reasonable time to be able to head back to your base for dinner in the sunshine. Prize giving’s were short, focused and most people had a lot of fun. We will need to work on a few areas like seeding, as nothing is perfect, but a general thumbs up was the call.

Things in the EO office have been all about learning for the past month and will be for the next few, but the reigns are slowly being passed over and the huge task of running the show will soon be in my hands. Things of interest for you all that I am learning are, St Johns planning and quoting, which is a large project in itself. Planning Council meetings and the upcoming AGM, lots to talk about. The World Champs are upon those who are going, so planning is underway. Then talk of BMX tracks and clubs around the nation, keep growing and I hope these bear fruit soon.

Projects that are my personal focus include continuing the communication with clubs, regions and people. Things happen when we talk more, so let’s keep it going. I am starting work on the pathways for 13/14yr riders and up, the plan is to have programs happening with clear pathways, so the teens stay in the sport, as this is a key area of membership loss. Then branding, this will be a longer term project, but I want to step up the branded image of the sport, if we can look professional, people will perceive we are professional. This then opens lots of other doors for the sport and its members.

Last but not least, good to see some of our HP riders do well overseas, Marc Willers leading the way and a few non-HP riders stepping up to the task too.

So little steps right now, but there are lots of exciting things sitting in the wings waiting for the right time to picked up and run with.

See you round the tracks. Ride Hard, Ride Fast.

Dion Earnest
Executive Officer
BMX New Zealand

Dion Earnest


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