2015 Oceania Continental Championships – BMX Australia

2015 Oceania Continental Championships – BMX Australia

The upcoming Oceania Championship meeting (CC event) is to be held at the Sleeman track in Brisbane, hosted by BMX Australia on 30 April 2015.

Details of the event can be located using the following link;  Event Details

The classes on offer are limited to;

14 Girls

15 Girls

16 Girls

17+ Women

14 Boys

15 Boys

16 Boys

17-29 Men

30+ Masters

All Championship classes.

Entry can be undertaken online using this link here


Riders wishing to enter and compete at the Oceania Continental Championships must wear a NZL National Race jersey.  This is the same jersey that was used at the 2104 BMX World Championships in Rotterdam, however is NOT the same as the 2013 World Championships held in Auckland.

There are limited stocks of jerseys in NZL – it takes around 3-4 weeks to have jerseys made and delivered – so please advise if you are attending and the jersey size you require prior to 20 March 2015, so that a jersey can be ordered for you and supplied prior to departure.

Costs – $100.00 per jersey.

If you are wishing to attend and need to order a race jersey – please complete the attached sheet and return to BMXA_CC_2015@bmxnz.co.nz

Once your order is confirmed – payment details will be provided by return email.


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