BMXNZ Rule Updates 2015

BMXNZ Rule Updates 2015

The BMXNZ rule book has been updated and has be published this week on the Cycling New Zealand website.

The key areas of change are;

1/New Categories of events
2/Class listing updated
3/Rules around amalgamations
4/NQM rules
5/Change to class numbers required for 8ths, quarters, semis
6/Equal placing’s – NZ standard is now to count back – not the use of run offs
7/Number plates – combinations updated
8/Protests section rewritten
9/Strider bike section included

It is critical that you understand the changes and that these are enforced from 1 January 2015.

The BMXNZ Rule book effective from 1st September 2015 supersedes this update.  015 ver 08.15.G is the version.  


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