COVID-19 and the BMXNZ National Championships

COVID-19 and the BMXNZ National Championships

The following communication from BMXNZ is aimed to cover off questions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the pending BMXNZ National Championships to be held in Christchurch.

The BMXNZ Board discussed three main points at the recent Board Meeting covering the COVID-19 situation and its possible impact on the BMXNZ Nationals;

  1. The BMXNZ position of EVENT DELIVERY
  2. DECISION making PROCESS around H&S of our membership and the Nationals event
  3. CONTINGENCY plans of a worse case scenario outcome

BMXNZ’s aim to is to make sure the sport can continue as best possible in the present climate of a health emergency. In regards to Nationals. Our goal is to make sure this event is delivered at the calendared date, or if not at the scheduled date, then delivered later within the calendar year of 2020. Postponement will be favoured above cancellation.

BMXNZ’s role is to deliver the events for the sport. It is not in a position to make a call to stop racing unless there is a obvious clear & present danger to riders. Within a general health emergency, BMXNZ will take directive from the Ministry of Health (MOH), National or Local government regarding mass gatherings/events. If events become part of the National Health Risk, then BMXNZ will follow instructions offered by these governing bodies. Current MOH advice is that events and mass gatherings can run as planned, which is what BMXNZ is following right now. As per the briefing by the Prime Minister, yesterday the 14/03/2020, there will an further update regarding mass gathering early next week. BMXNZ will update the sport once this briefing has been completed.

As per the first point BMXNZ’s goal is to make sure the event will run as per normal. If advised not to run on the scheduled date, BMXNZ will aim to postpone the event and run at a later date. BMXNZ is in the process now of defining optional dates & the logistics of postponement. Only if needed, an optional event will be advised to the sport once all the detail is compiled & a viable solution is formed.

BMXNZ would like to advise that this is a world wide pandemic and public health is of the upmost concern. The outcomes of the advice from the MOH or Governmental briefings are out of our control, yet will be followed as our responsibility to the greater community. In the worst case scenario both BMXNZ, the host club and the Sport will incur additional costs around the event. This is the unfortunate side of the situation, please be aware that everyone is in the same position.

BMXNZ will aim to update the sport at the earliest possible time that news is released to the public.


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