Sprockets & Worlds Qualification

Sprockets & Worlds Qualification

Due to the change in the racing format for Sprockets at the National Champs, where no ranking is given, the process to qualify for a standard Worlds entry has changed.

Here is the existing BMXNZ Regulation:

3.005 World Championships Qualification
A rider ranked in the top 8 at the BMXNZ National Championships, the year immediately preceding any World Championships, shall qualify for the World Championships, provided the rider has a current licence and has qualified for, entered and competed at the National Championships for the current year. The remaining qualifying places for any World Championships shall be determined from the current year National Championship top 8 rankings.If the total rider entry allocation limit is not reached non top 8 riders may apply via the wildcard entry process to fill any remaining allocation available.
From 2021 only riders who are UCI 8 and above will be eligible to enter a World Championships

So as an update to this ruling, BMXNZ would accept that as long as Sprockets participate & complete the “Nationals” events in either the 2019 or 2020 Nationals, this would qualify them for a standard entry to Worlds in 2020.

A Sprocket wildcard entry would not be accepted, except under exceptional circumstances. Choosing not to go to Nationals, too busy or clashes with other sports, is not an exception excuse.

Please note that from 2021 only riders UCI 8yrs & above can enter the UCI World Championships.


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