Licencing Update December 2017

Licencing Update December 2017

BMXNZ is continually working on systems to make the running of the sport better and more efficient. From time to time we get to a point where we start having an effect on the members and the clubs.

The recent work with Cycling New Zealand (CNZ) has delivered a BMX website that is full of the information Clubs have been asking for and BMXNZ has full access to update and  deliver information almost instantly to the site. Check it out on

Another project that is happening is Licencing & one of the base steps we need to ac on is the alignment of the BMXNZ licence number to the CNZ licence numbers so all cycling codes (Road, Track, MTB & BMX) are the same. BMXNZ was ge-ng to the end of our number sequence (9999) so a change was necessary. The change was then taken a step further to make sure BMXNZ could future proof the numbering system, so that we have more op ons available to BMXNZ should we chose to work closer to CNZ & the extra services they can deliver.  

So what is happening?

All existing BMXNZ Licence numbers are NZ followed by 4digits, for example NZ1234. The NEW Licence number format will add three digits ‘101’ to the front of your existing number.  So based on the sample above NZ1234 will become NZ1011234.

All physical 2018 licence cards will be issued with the new number format & sent out in due course.

What do you need to do?

Riders – Moving forward you will need to make sure you enter all 2018 events with the new licence number format, so as per the sample again, the correct format will be NZ1011234. Please note the ‘NZ’, and ensure this is included at all times. All entries to the South Island Titles will be converted to the new licence format. Riders will not need to update their entries

Clubs – The next BEM database will be a 2018 Database & it will show all licence numbers with the NEW format. Please be aware that the existing 2017 database will only show the existing format (NZ1234).
All meetings in 2018 will be using the new format. The online entry systems of and are ready to roll with the new format and they are prepared to manage the transition smoothly.

If you have any questions regarding the new licence format, please do contact me on the details below.

Regards Dion

Dion Earnest


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