This is BMXNZ’s easy to follow A to Z of event information. Please read and share with everyone who is participating in this event.

The venue address is 80 Attewell Road, Puni, Pukekohe. Car parking will be available on the large field on the right of the driveway.

The Puni reserve has very strict rules regarding animals at the facilities – NO pets are permitted other than Guide Dogs.

Sunset Coast BMX International Events Centre is a Smoke & Alcohol Free Venue.

Club banners are to be attached to club tents only – do not hang them over the existing signage around the track. Offending Banners will be removed.

Moto draws & results will be available on the EZeventing site – please note that nothing will be posted prior to the close of registration on the Friday morning. After this time ALL challenge moto draws will be available. Mighty 11’s will not be available on this site due to it being run on a different programme not compatible with EZeventing. The riders who make the semis & finals for Mightys will be announced by the commentary team & available on the point’s boards. Please note that Ezeventing updates roughly every 5 minutes so there can be a small time lapse between motos finishing & semi’s being uploaded. All classes will also be posted to points boards in a timely manner.

Mighty 11 riders must check in (the rider themselves must come to the admin hut) between 7:45am and 8:15am on Friday. They do not need to bring their licence. They should have collected their plate prior to this registration from their team manager. Both Mighty 11 Girls & Boys will race 4 Motos (9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am & 11:30am) There will NOT be a semi final as each class is below the 25+ riders needed for a semi. Each rider gets to drop their worst result & the top 8 riders from each class will race a final at 12:25pm. Their final points are then added to their top 3 moto points to determine who the top 4 are. The Captain for each team is the rider with the least amount of points. The Mighty 11 team presentation will take place at the opening ceremony.

The Master Cycle Trophy will be presented to the BMXNZ affiliated club who gains the greatest number of finalists (top eight finishing positions). The trophy will be awarded at Sunday’s prize giving 30 minutes after the completion of racing. There is no need to enter for this trophy as every region is automatically entered.

Begins at the conclusion of the Mighty 11 final at 12:30pm on Friday the 26th

The Pocock Trophy is awarded to a club team of six riders who have the combined best results from all entrants. Each club may enter only ONE team. The six riders must be competing in six different challenge classes (Not Superclass or Mighty 11 Selection). Team entry sheets will be available from PR and may be collected by the team managers. Entry forms must be completed & submitted to PR at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the first cruiser race on Friday afternoon. Team managers retain a copy & collect riders finishing positions (the riders points from their 3 qualifying motps are added together & the team with the least points wins – e.g. a rider gaining a 2n place in a moto receives 2 points) – this sheet must be handed back to PR at the completion of Moto round 3 on Sunday (13+ 20″ riders) and the winning club will be announced at the final prize giving on Sunday 30 minutes after the completion of racing.

Please see the Official flyer for the practise times. Please be aware that the Saturday morning practise is ONLY for the 12 & under 20″ riders & the Superclass riders who are racing on that day. The same with the Sunday morning practise – it is ONLY for the 13 & over 20″ riders who are racing on that day. Riders without an official Nationals plate on will be asked to leave the staging area & will not participate in practise.

Prize giving will be held each day approx. 30 minutes after the conclusion of the last race of the day. Prize giving is in the staging call-up area & is for all classes that raced that day.

During the course of the meeting Team Managers are the spokesperson for their club riders should they have a concern regarding issues on or off the track. If there is an issue on the track, please take the details and the Team Manager must refer the matter to the Riders Commissaire Doug McElhinney who will be positioned near the finish line area. Please ensure you have a copy of the latest rule book (Version 08.15.G) to assist you in deciding if a protest is required. The rider must come with their Team Manager and also bring their bike & helmet within a timely manner of the issue arising (15 minutes after the incident occurred is the cut off).

Please see the Official flyer for start times – ensure all riders head to staging at least 10 minutes prior to start of the first race to ensure racing starts on time.

Please see the Official flyer for race format – the following detail is the pending format as it currently stands, (before medicals are pulled out & class numbers change):

Classes racing 3 motos – POINTS OVER (8 or less in their class) – 16 Girls, 30-39 Female 20″, 40+ Female 20′, 50+ Male 20″ & 30-34 Cruiser Male. Please note the 3rd moto of the points over classes will be run with the finals.

Classes racing 3 motos then QUARTERS followed by SEMIs & then deadman finals – 8 boys, 9 boys, 10 Boys, 11 Boys & 17-29 Male 20″.

Classes racing 3 motos followed by SEMIs & then deadman finals – 7 boys, 9 girls, 10 girls, 12 girls, 12 boys, 13 boys, 14 boys, 15 boys, 16 boys, 30-39 Male 20″, 40-49 Male 20′, 8-10 Cruiser mixed, 11-12 Cruiser mixed, 40-44 Male Cruiser and 45-49 Male Cruiser.

All other classes not listed above will race 3 motos & then top 8 to a deadman final. Please note the format can change if class numbers drop.

Please note that all classes are seeded based on the results of the 2015 BMXNZ National Series which covered events from January 2015 to December 2015.

NO refunds will be authorised after Friday 25 March at the close of rego at 8:45am. Refunds prior to this time will be given on receipt of a medical certificate less administration fee of $20. Please email medical certificates to entries@bmxnz.co.nz or give to your Team Manager to hand in at the admin hut during registration.

The Region Trophy will be presented to the BMXNZ affiliated region who gains the greatest number of finalists (top eight finishing positions). The trophy will be awarded at Sunday’s prize giving 30 minutes after the completion of racing. There is no need to enter for this trophy as every region is automatically entered.

Registration to collect rider’s plates is to be done by TEAM MANAGERS ONLY. They will be issued with a returns sheet to write down any riders that are not racing. They will return this sheet to admin by 8:45am on Friday. If the sheet is not returned it is presumed that all of your club riders are racing & they will be in the Moto Draws which once issued can not be changed.
Team Managers can collect plates strictly between 5pm and 6pm on Thursday or between 8:15am and 8:45am on Friday. Do not ask outside of these times. Plates will not be issued to individual riders at the admin hut.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that you keep your club area tidy & place all rubbish in the bins provided.

Superclass riders are to collect their plates from Team Managers (even championship licensed riders)

They are to individually check in at the admin hut either on Friday between 8:00am & 8:30am or on Saturday between 9-9:30am. If Riders do not check in they will be called for via the commentary team – failure to show up to the admin hut after this call means they will be deleted from the moto draw.

The Male superclass riders will have their first moto at 11:00am on Saturday and are to be ready at the base of the stairs to the big ramp approx 10 mins prior. They will be blocked raced with random drawn motos at 20 min intervals. After 3 motos the top 8 riders will then race a 3 heat final – also blocked raced at 20 min intervals. This is when the female superclass riders will race (approx 12pm) and they will do 3 motos points over. The Superclass prizegiving will be with the 12 & under prizegiving 30 minutes after the completion of the 12 & under finals.

All Team Managers have been provided with a site plan to show which areas the regions are located. It will be clearly marked out at the venue in Regions – clubs within the Regions need to be fair with splitting up their areas. Tents may be set up from 12pm on Wednesday.

On the Tent Plan it shows a “NO Tent NO Chair” area on the 1st straight, this is a 10x6m area set aside for standing spectators / riders only. Please do not set up in this area as you will be asked to move.

Just so we have a Z in the list. This is Nationals, the best of the best in Challenge Class, ride hard, ride strong and do your best…ZOOM ZOOM!!

Thanks to Sam Wilson for collating this this list of information, making it easier for everyone


Region and Club Site Plan 2016 BMXNZ Nationals


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