Numbers on Jerseys – UCI Rules

Numbers on Jerseys – UCI Rules

Please be aware that for the Oceania Championship on Sunday, that NO Challenge Class riders may wear numbers on their jerseys.

ONLY Championship Elite (Men & Women) riders with approved UCI permanent numbers may wear their numbers.

All other riders must remove them from the jersey or wear another jersey.

Here is the UCI Rule regarding this;


6.1.056 Each rider that have received a UCI permanent number and the riders that choose to ride with a world number 1-8, must print their number on the jersey according to the following principles:

  1. The colour of the number must be in strong contrast with the colour of the background.
  2. The distance between the numbers must be 1.5 cm
  3. The minimum height of the number must be 20 centimetres
  4. The width of the numbers shall be;

– minimum 10 cm for one digit numbers
– minimum 20 cm for two digit numbers
– minimum 25 cm for three digit numbers

  1. There should be a minimum of 5 cm of free space without publicity around the number.
  2. As an option, display their last name across the shoulders, above the number.

Only Elite riders who received a permanent career number through the UCI or Elite riders with a world number 1-8, may print a permanent career number or world number 1-8 on the back of the jersey. Riders without a permanent career number shall not print a number on the back of their jersey.



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