Yess Grassroots Dalliston Team

Yess Grassroots Dalliston Team

At the start of this season I was given the opportunity to manage the Yess Grassroots team and pick 8 deserving riders out of our team to represent us in the Dalliston series.

Yess Grassroots Dalliston Team 1

I really liked this Grassroots idea because we’re giving riders an environment where they are supported and encouraged to be the best they can be, and we base this all around being one big family. The way we picked the Dalliston team members this year was selecting 6 of our top riders who have trained hard to be the best they can be, so in a way, they have proven themselves to be in the team, then the last two spots are left for riders that are always giving it a 110%. They might not be getting the results they would like, but never give up on their goals and always trying to get better. So by being around the top 6 riders in our team helps them see what it takes to get there, as we all know the best way to get better in your BMX racing is to surround yourself with people passionate, dedicated and committed to being at the top of their game.

This has worked out well for us as our riders have all gained some great BMX skills and life skills to match. The Dalliston series has been great to be apart of and our team have really enjoyed being involved in it, not only has it been great racing but a great way to meet new people as you travel around New Zealand competing, we enjoyed it so much we are entering two teams next season so more of our team can experience this great series.

Yess Grassroots Dalliston Team 2

I’d just like to thank my team and their parents for a great season, and all the other Dalliston teams for the awesome competition. Also a big congratulations to Pure Black Racing for a very well deserved series winners!

See you all next season

Duane Royal
Yess Grassroots Team.


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