Senior Test Team Selections

Senior Test Team Selections

It is with much pleasure that BMX New Zealand announces the Team Manager and Coach for the Senior Test Team 2014-2015.

Team Manager – Susan McOnie
Susan gained valuable experience as the manager for the team last season.

Coach – Ross McFarlane
Ross is keen to share his passion and enthusiasm for rider development with the new team.

Selection for the team is at the Pre Norths at Sunset Coast on Sunday 28 September. There is a strong field vying for a place in the team. Competition will be fierce as only 8 riders will have the chance to represent New Zealand in the Trans-Tasman Series.

Entries for selection:

Male Test Team
Dylan Lardelli
Ryan Jordan
Bailey Davis
Mark Harland-Croft
Jayden Fleming
Logan Hirst
Fletcher Sharman
Kieran Ngatai
Brad Blakemore
Connor Mahan
Cameron Butterworth
Jacob Romer
Piri Strickland-Green
Clay Merito
Zachary Kershaw

Female Test Team
Sophie Kerrisk
Brooke Fevre
Baylee Luttrell
Ashley Coleman
Stevie-Lee Reuben
MacKenzie Roberts-Craig
Amy Martin
Maggie Donovan-Cotter
Jordan Donaldson
Paris Dixon
Kaly Harcourt
Jessie Smith


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