Matt Cameron – Elite Rider

Matt Cameron – Elite Rider

2014 rolled through pretty fast from 2013 without even realising we had changed years. I returned home from USA in December 2013 from racing the ABA Grand Nationals and other stops on the ABA USA national circuit. Since returning things seemed to be in fast forward with 2014 season planning and Christmas right on my doorstep.

In January I centralised as part of a high performance program and made the move to Cambridge to be with staff, the new velodrome and to train as one unit with the rest of the BMX high performance members in the gym and in out on the track.

Matt Cameron

Since moving up to the Waikato, I have dedicated a lot of my time to coaching riders. This has been over various abilities and ages from a club level in Hamilton to personalised group coaching ages 9-11, 12-15, junior elites and one on one.

Coaching in the younger groups my goals were simple; teach these guys the correct ways and tactics/ manoeuvres of racing BMX on the track and having fun with them whilst doing it.

Coaching with the elites, my goals were to teach these guys how to train correctly, have patience with what we do in our sport, training their minds (sports psychology) and give them all the tools they need in training to enable them to achieve and move forward into their career and life.

On top of that I have also been heading around the country with a couple of sponsors on board doing coaching clinics at local clubs down in Wellington, in my hometown New Plymouth, and also small training clinics over in Tauranga on the nationals track to help get these riders ready to achieve their goals come nationals.

I have also been getting around a few organisations and schools to spread the word about what BMX is all about and where it can take you. Training has been going well with having a solid block in before I head back over to USA to race in the USA ABA national circuit once again in May.

All of my training is based around turning up to the states to be on point. I will be living with fellow one of my good buddies and fellow kiwi rider Marc Willers where we will train and race together.

I then will be heading to Berlin, Germany for the third world cup of the year and the first round of Olympic qualifying. I then will head back to the states and continue on my ABA race journey. The plan is to head back to New Zealand in August for a month then head back over to California and finish off the world cup series and also continue on with some more USA racing.

Once the season is over there, I will head back home to New Zealand where I will once again base myself out of Cambridge to carry on building my engine and chasing gains out on the track with the staff and the rest of the high performance New Zealand athletes.

Matt C

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