Conduct in the sport – BMXNZ

Conduct in the sport – BMXNZ

As you should well know BMXNZ and the BMX Clubs are following the SportNZ regulation regarding the COVID Protection Framework which requires the sport to reformat BMX events to meet these regulations and have all attendees over 12yrs & three months present a valid COVID Vaccine Certificate, to be able to enter larger event sites that are set to run to this regulation.

Recent accusations, falsely accusing BMXNZ of making up rules to suit itself, are blatantly incorrect. The complete regulations by which BMXNZ is working with, is in the public domain for all to view and understand at

BMXNZ are seeing types of misinformation statements being pushed onto the sports volunteers with increasing aggressiveness & abuse. As a step to support the sport volunteers, BMXNZ wishes to remind all our licenced members and associated parents or caregivers, that in signing up for a BMXNZ Licence, the licenced members and all associates fall under the BMXNZ code of conduct that covers both your in-person actions and online conduct when involving the Sport of BMX. The current BMXNZ conduct regulation is as follows;

1.008 General Conduct

Riders will be held accountable for the actions of their parents, team managers and any other persons in their company at a BMX competition or event. Any misconduct on the part of any of these persons may, at the discretion of the Chief Commissaire or Race Director, result in the disqualification or suspension of the rider and the removal of the offending persons from the competition venue.

All riders and supporters must observe these rules and follow all instructions given them by any official at any time during the course of an event. Every rider shall at all times observe such conduct as reflects the ideals of good sportsmanship and avoid any conduct which may bring the sport of BMX, UCI, Cycling New Zealand, BMXNZ, their Club or themselves into disrepute.

Unacceptable and prohibited behaviour includes but is not limited to; • Any abuse of race officials

• Use of foul or offensive language
• Abuse of other competitors or supporters
• Violence of any nature, whether on or off the track

Penalties for such behaviour will be determined by the Chief Commissaire, supported by the
National Officiating Panel (for race meeting-related incidents).
The Executive and BMXNZ Regional bodies may take action as appropriate for other non-racing matters.

All licenced members have agreed to be responsible for the actions of themselves and their associates. Which also requires all parties to adhere to acceptable behaviour with the sports volunteers and participate within any level of the CPF regulations in place for the sport.


Warren Boggiss
Board Chairman
BMX New Zealand

Dion Earnest
Executive Officer
BMX New Zealand


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