BMXNZ Sport Policy within the COVID Protection Framework 12.21.D

BMXNZ Sport Policy within the COVID Protection Framework 12.21.D

BMX New Zealand (BMXNZ) as the National Sporting Body of BMX racing in New Zealand, has prepared a range of broad advice regarding the sports interaction with the pending COVID Protection Framework (CPF).

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8 December 2021



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The following policy aims to deliver the intent of the mandates within the CPF while allowing BMXNZ to deliver BMX Racing to as many of our members as possible in a safe and protected way.

BMXNZ believes in individual choice and views, but also needs to work within the requirements of the Government during the current pandemic. Some outcomes in this document may not fit everyone’s views, but the position taken is to enable our sport to restart as soon as possible and include as many of our members as possible.

BMX as a sport is based around a structure of racing. Racing is delivered by BMXNZ and its affiliated clubs. Any meeting of members, instigated by a club or using club facilities, is considered a ‘gathering’ as defined by SportNZ for the purpose of the CPF and this policy. This may in include, but is not limited too, race days, training sessions, gate session or club nights.

A ‘gathering’ is defined within the SportNZ COVID Protection Framework Table on the following link


The Delta variant of COVID-19 carries significantly higher risks of transmission than previous strains of the virus. The Government has repeatedly emphasised the importance of vaccinations – to protect individuals and to give the country more ways to manage the virus. Vaccination is widely considered critical to protecting people’s health and safety, by reducing the risk of transmission and minimising the clinical impacts of COVID-19 infection.

Under current legislative settings, all organisations can require visitors to their facilities, and/or participants in activities that they run, to be vaccinated as a condition of entry. When the new COVID Protection Framework comes into force on December the 3rd 2021, vaccination status will be a key feature in determining what is possible under each different setting (GREEN, ORANGE, RED).

This policy sets out the requirements as they apply to participants (riders), volunteers* and any attendees to BMX gatherings. It is designed to meet the CPF requirements, keep our people safe and remain aligned to the Government’s objective of minimising the impacts of the COVID-19 and protecting the wider communities.
* including coaches, officials, managers etc

Position Statement

BMXNZ’s position is to follow the guidance and advice of SportNZ, who have applied the Governments mandates in a sporting context. BMXNZ encourages and supports our members being vaccinated against COVID-19, which is currently the best protection to reduce the risk of exposure and transmission of the virus. Vaccination is an important part of providing you with a safer environment, in which more of us can undertake BMX Racing. We recognise that COVID-19 can pose a very real and serious risk to the safety of our members, particularly our under twelves who are the majority of the sport and are unable to be vaccinated. So in accordance with our health and safety obligations, we are required to take all reasonably practicable steps to manage and minimise (or eliminate) any such risk to our members.

BMXNZ Sporting Requirements

From the 3rd of December 2021 all BMX ‘gatherings’ will be regulated by the CPF requirements. The regulations are driven by three things,

1- A persons vaccination status
2- The gathering size and
3- Acceptance of the COVID Vaccine Certificates (CVCs)

Depending on the size of the gathering, the current CPF level and the use of CVCs, the requirements can change or be restricted as detailed below.

The following table defines the ‘gathering’ size allowances under each CPF Level

Pertinent to the introduction of the Framework levels in December 2021, where the RED & ORANGE levels define the nation.

Gatherings accepting only CVCs – Bubbles of 100
Gatherings NOT checking CVCs – Bubbles of 25

Gatherings accepting only CVCs – Unlimited size
Gatherings NOT checking CVCs – Bubbles of 50

Any club, group or persons organising the gathering, will determine the status of the event using CVCs or not. The same club, group or persons then becomes responsible for delivering the CPF requirements under that gathering status.

If gatherings are set not to accept CVCs (to include non-vaccinated people), gathering size limits are restricted as noted above. The use of bubbles for gatherings in a defined space allows the sport to have larger numbers on site at one time. The organiser of any gathering needs to be aware and manage the participant and attendee numbers on site and maintain allocated bubbles including separation. Please be aware that the restrictions to bubble sizes are the total number of attendees, not only riders. For example, 10 riders with two parents/supporters each is a gathering of 30 people. So this is considered one gathering under ORANGE or two separated bubbles would need to be established under the RED level.

This restricted format can cover small BMX club gatherings, like training, gates or clubs nights (for small clubs), which can run without checking CVCs, only if the club manages the gathering size to be below the regulated number of attendees or allocates bubbles.
The format and delivery of these bubbles is very similar to the bubble format that was delivered under the old Level2 Alert system.

The delivery of multiple bubbles must be in their own defined space, with a MINIMUM of 2m separation. This could allow up to two or three bubbles (of 25 or 50 depending on the CPF Level you are in). BMXNZ recommends not having more than three bubbles at any gathering. As the need to keep bubbles separated is absolutely required.

Please note that the volunteers organising a gathering are considered a separate bubble and should be kept separate from all other bubbles when not delivering their role at a gathering.

As noted above, under the RED and ORANGE levels, any club that wishes to check and accept CVCs, for all attendees, will be able to deliver bigger gatherings, either of 100 people in RED & of an unlimited size in ORANGE.

If CVCs are being used for an event or gathering. There is no allowance under regulation to be able to accept non-vaccinated participants or supporters, as part of the event OR in bubbles.

Results of a risk assessment undertaken by BMXNZ with guidance from Sport NZ, show that our sports staff/volunteers at gatherings are constantly at a medium risk profile, so the requirement of CVCs assist to protect our members. BMXNZ recommend that wherever possible, CVCs should be used, checked and gatherings managed for the access of as many members as possible, in the safest possible way.

BMXNZ advise that all Major Events will require CVCs as part of the entry criteria. This will be a requirement for all eligible participants over the age of 12yrs, volunteers, officials and attending parents/supporters etc.

Vaccination Status & CVC Use

For gatherings and events where vaccinations are required, the host club or BMXNZ will require individuals to disclose, and/or provide proof of, their vaccination status. This proof is primarily presented as the MOH CVC in the form of a digital QR code on a mobile device. A printed version of this CVC can also be accepted. Purple vaccination cards or non-MOH documentation cannot be accepted. Information regarding vaccination status is checked for the purposes of our health and safety management planning, implementing this policy, and to identify any relevant support measures (related to Covid-19). No personal detail is handled within this process, in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.

BMXNZ recommends the use of the MOH NZ Pass Verifier app, available on apple or android phones to check CVCs. The app is free, easy to download and use.

Attendees are not required to give this information and should anyone choose not to provide proof of having received the vaccine, or do not wish to disclose their vaccination status, then the organisers of any BMX gathering/event will respect everyone’s personal choice and right to that privacy. In the interests of health and safety, those unable or unwilling to provide proof of vaccination when requested, will be treated as though they have not been vaccinated.

Eligible People for CVC Use

All gatherings using the CVC process (to allow increased numbers), need to verify all people that are 12yrs and 3months or older. This odd age is to allow time for those children who turn 12 to get their vaccinations and still participate in the sport up to their second vaccine.

Vaccination Exemptions

BMXNZ respects the rights of individuals to choose whether to be vaccinated, and acknowledges that there may be medical or other reasons or circumstances, for not being vaccinated, for which people may seek an exemption. Where a member, volunteer or parent/supporter seeks an exemption from the requirement to be vaccinated and is successful. These people with an official vaccination exemption will be supplied with a CVC from the MOH.

BMXNZ will work respectfully and in good faith to explore options and try and find a way forward for the unvaccinated people in the BMX community. But as a result of the nature of unvaccinated our younger members, unless an official exemptions is sourced, unvaccinated attendees will be denied entry or participation rights as a result of their unvaccinated status, when CVCs are used.

Additional Measures

In addition to vaccination, BMXNZ recommends all clubs and members maintain a range of appropriate and complementary measures prior and during its gatherings to further minimise the risks associated with COVID-19, which is aligned with all guidance set out in the legislation and public health guidance by SportNZ.

Action points before taking part in BMX activities include:

    • Stay home if unwell
    • Prepare your CVC ready to gain access to events run using this control
    • Have the appropriate apps for the CVC & QR location code scanner loaded to your phone
    • Update yourself on the CPF Levels before attending sporting events
    • You do not have COVID-19 nor are you awaiting the results from being tested for COVID-19
    • You have not been in contact with any known/suspected cases in the past 14 days
    • You have not returned, or been in contact with anyone else who has returned, from overseas in the past 7 days
      Processes during BMX gatherings include:
    • Scan in to the gathering using the gathering or location QR code
    • Produced evidence of vaccination (CVC) on entry (if the event is being run with CVCs)
    • Event or gathering signage educating attendees of the event or gathering requirements
    • All attendees are recommended to wear a mask, except when participating in racing
    • Maintain all distancing requirements
    • Remaining in allocated bubble if allocated for the gathering
    • Wash or sanitise hands as often as possible at the gathering

Shared Equipment

Shared equipment covering bikes, helmets and gloves, are no longer a consideration under the CPF (whereas they were under the alert level framework) so no restrictions apply.

All clubs should follow the hygiene controls advised by the SportNZ guidelines on the link below. Refer to the section on Equipment and Cleaning Tips. guidance/

Travelling between CPF Levels

Under the CPF, travelling between regions is allowed (the Auckland border will open from 15 Dec). When travelling to events with different CPF Levels, riders must follow the regulations of the region they are travelling to and gathering in. A rider from a RED regions travelling to an ORANGE region, must follow ORANGE regulations. The opposite will also apply, if a rider from an ORANGE region travels to a RED region, RED regulations apply to that rider.

SportNZ Regulations and Advice

The following link details all the core advice for all sport to be delivered under the CPF. BMXNZ have followed this guidance to build this policy and recommends that clubs review the advice to assist with their gatherings.

Supervision of Children

As an outcome of the CPF, unvaccinated parents have been known to drop off their children at gatherings and leaving the site. It is illegal in New Zealand, to leave children under 14yrs unsupervised at home or another place. BMXNZ recommends that all parents and guardians follow this legal requirement.

Code of Conduct

BMXNZ understands that members, their friends and family can have different views on the COVID19 situation in New Zealand, and that this may induce negative reaction to the position BMXNZ is required to take. BMXNZ will not accept any abuse or poor conduct directed at its staff, volunteers, or members. As per the BMXNZ code of conduct, riders will be held accountable for the actions of their parents, supporters and any other persons in their company at a BMX gathering. Any persons with opinions or views contrary to the existing regulations on sport from the CPF, should communicate their views to the relevant authorities. BMXNZ, its clubs and members do not dictate these government regulations.
Clubs are also bound by a conduct befitting their affiliation to BMXNZ. Clubs not following these regulations are putting the sport into disrepute and as a result may jeopardise their affiliated status with BMXNZ, should any unbefitting actions be confirmed.

Policy Evolution

BMXNZ acknowledges that best practice in the minimisation and mitigation of the impacts of COVID- 19 is evolving rapidly (e.g. the potential introduction of rapid testing). Given this, BMXNZ confirms to its members its intention to work in good faith, as new information and recommendations come to hand, and to do its utmost to introduce the latest and complementary measures to further minimise risks to our members, ease the burden on clubs and make the sport accessible to members.

BMXNZ notes that this policy is based upon the information currently available from Government, with guidance and advice form SportNZ and is subject to change as we learn and understand more about how New Zealand manages the fight against COVID-19. This policy may be revoked, amended or replaced at BMXNZ’s sole discretion on reasonable notice in the circumstances at that time.


This policy will be managed by the BMXNZ Board health & Safety portfolio holder. A COVID-
19 review group, led by the BMXNZ Board portfolio holder will take responsibility for reviewing and updating this policy and risk assessment as needed in consultation with BMXNZ’s Board

Policy reviewed by: BMXNZ Board
Date reviewed: 08/12/2021
Next review date: When appropriate as a result of Governmental mandate changes


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