BMXNZ Gathering Update under CPF

BMXNZ Gathering Update under CPF

As you all may know in the weekend past the first BMX New Zealand event happened within the new COVID Protection Framework(CPF).

This framework is the structure that all sports run by, under the Government health mandates that are now in effect.

As with a lot of the processes coming into effect for all New Zealand, our sport had some learnings to work through and work-in-progress processes to see what worked with our sport, to meet the requirements within the Government mandates.

BMXNZ would like to thank the Taranaki region and the New Plymouth BMX Club for delivering a great event in some continually changing circumstances. The track and delivery of services for the event were outstanding.

Even knowing the challenges, some things did not go to plan and did not fit within the requirements. These are the things we need to learn from and work forward with. BMXNZ would like to clarify its position with the learnings from this event, so that the whole sport is on the same page moving forward.

All BMX gatherings must be held to the specification as noted in the BMXNZ COVID Protection Framework Policy. To put it simply, we all need to run as solely Vaccinated events OR run in the size restricted and managed bubble process.

One issue BMXNZ worked through is the “un-vaccinated space” at an event. This is not allowed under the regulations of the CPF and moving forward cannot be used under any circumstance. The approach is a loophole to the intent of the mandates. As this event was a massive learning for all involved, it has now clarified this issue, which cannot be repeated or formalised in any way.

To be very clear of allowance under the CPF, the following is the detail from the BMXNZ CPF Policy

Gatherings accepting only CVCs – Bubbles of 100 Gatherings NOT checking CVCs – Bubbles of 25

Gatherings accepting only CVCs – Unlimited size Gatherings NOT checking CVCs – Bubbles of 50

Another point, regarding parents dropping off kids to BMX gatherings & leaving them to the club or coaches or gates/gathering manager to deal with, due to the parents unvaccinated status. This process is being reviewed by BMXNZ now and a statement will be issued later in the week as a policy update, about what is acceptable in our sport.

To clarify, this first weekends issues and challenges DO NOT set any precedents about accepting loopholes in the Government Mandates. This is about understanding and learning from them, so we can formulate gatherings that are better delivered under the requirements. Moving forward the BMXNZ CPF Policy will be used as the sole reference point of what is allowed within our sports gatherings.


Dion Earnest

Executive Officer

BMX New Zealand


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