BMXNZ COVID Announcements 17th November 2021

BMXNZ COVID Announcements 17th November 2021

With Wednesday’s COVID release, the expected changes are starting to be structured and allow more clarity into how we can move forward as a sport. The following updates are what we know of now. More information will be supplied by SportNZ as sport-specific detail.

This will cover how we deal with things like the vaccine certificate at events. But for now, here is what we know and how it affects our sport.


This is highly likely to happen soon after the 29th of November. What this means to our sport, is that most of the country will continue like they are in L2. Events will more than likely (to be confirmed by SportNZ) run in bubbles of 100, but now Auckland can join the rest of New Zealand in this format. The biggest decision to make is if BMX events will be run requiring the Vaccine Certs OR not. If we run with the Vaccine Certs, we run like L2. If we don’t, we can’t run BMX at all. BMXNZ is meeting on the 25th of November to give the sport a direction on this.

2 – Auckland riders wanting to travel outside of the region

From December the 15th Auckland BMXers will be able to travel to events outside of Auckland. To be able to do this you will need one of two things to leave Auckland.

1 – Vaccine Cert
2 – A negative test in the previous 72hrs

This allows passage out of Auckland or into Auckland
To enter events, you will need a Vaccine Cert, depending on advice yet to be confirmed from SportNZ

3 – BMXNZ Major Meetings

The North Island SUPER OPEN is on and open for late entries until tonight for riders in the Waikato region.
This event will be delivered in the existing L2 Bubble format, but will possibly have the requirement for all attendees on-site to have a Vaccine Cert. ( To be confirmed by SportNZ)
Sorry, Auckland Riders cannot attend this event, due to the border date release on the 15th December.

The 2022 South Island Titles will be delivered in the existing L2 Bubble format, but will also possibly be required to follow the Vaccine Cert process for the event to be able to be delivered. (To be confirmed by SportNZ)

For all riders travelling from the North Island to the South Island, please be aware that you will need a Vaccine Cert or a Negative Test in the past 72hrs to be able to travel on any airline or the Interisland Ferries.

4 – Future COVID Levels

This is still quite open as we need further updates from SportNZ regarding sport-specific details. But here is what we know about the delivery of sports events under the CPF system.

With Vaccine Certs – Events of 100 (Bubbles of 100 to be confirmed)
Without Vaccine Certs – No events

With Vaccine Certs – Events of unlimited size
Without Vaccine Certs – no Events. But gatherings of 50 can happen (possible club nights to be confirmed)

With Vaccine Certs – Events of unlimited size
Without Vaccine Certs – Events of 100 (Bubbles of 100 to be confirmed)

The Vaccine Cert will be managed by a QR code or official letter, how we do this at the event, is yet to be defined. So as you can see, the choice to have a vaccine will assist the sport to open up and run as close as possible to a normal situation.

5 – Management of COVID Vaccine Cert Mandates in Sport

SportNZ, CNZ & BMXNZ will NOT mandate a COVID Vaccine requirement on the sport. But all sporting codes will be required to follow the laws of the country to be able to deliver our sport to our members.

This is a really important definition, that all clubs and members need to understand. BMXNZ as a sport is required to follow the laws of the land, like any other law in place. Within BMX it’s like the no smoking and no alcohol requirement or no abuse of volunteers & officials, to wear a full-face helmet, you must be licenced, the list goes on & on. If any member has an issue with this BMXNZ following the laws of New Zealand, then they need to see their local MP, as BMXNZ, Regions or Clubs do not make the laws. Please do not take your opinion or aggression out on the sport’s volunteers.

So, we know that events will fall under the new Covid Protection Framework (CPF) but we don’t know how far down the event scale this will need to be enforced. As the range of events we have is vast, from Major Events, down to gates nights, there seems to be no doubt, the Major meetings will be required to have COVID Certs. We are not sure about the remaining calendar events or general sport gatherings as yet.

The intent of the CPF is to protect New Zealanders from further spread. If that intent, is applied in full, then all gatherings could be affected by the requirement. But we need to wait and see how the laws of the land are defined.

Additional Points

The BMXNZ Board is working hard to make sure we continue to talk with all the relevant bodies so we have the information and assistance for our clubs and members, as soon as possible. The BMXNZ Board will meet next on the 25th of November, to discuss in depth, any information and direction needed by the sport from BMXNZ.

And again, as a reminder, getting a vaccination will assist the sport to gain the ability to start racing together again. So, your choice to have a vaccination will get more of us back on bikes.

If you have any questions about the positions above, please contact me for assistance.


Dion Earnest
Executive Officer
BMX New Zealand


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